Catalog: Furniture

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Trestle Tables.jpg

Trestle Tables

Service Type: Rental

Size: 2 feet x 8 feet / 2 feet x 9 feet
Capacity: Seats up to 8 people
Material: Wood / Metal

Folding Chairs.jpg

Folding Chairs

Service Type: Rental

Finish: Natural gloss
Padding: White cushion
Material: Wood

Wood Flooring.jpg

Wood Flooring

Service Type: Rental

Size: 23 feet x 33 feet
Capacity: Up to 100 people
Material: Wood (Maple)

Wood Oven.jpg

Wood Oven

Service Type: Rental

Material: Cast iron
Ventilation: Insulated chimney
Style: Wood

Vintage Bar.jpg

Vintage Bar

Service Type: Rental

Size: 5 feet x 2 feet
Material: Wood / Faux Leather / Metal
Colour: Black / Brown / Metallic