Winter Party

On a cold day in mid-January, The Yurt Company team headed downtown Toronto to build a 12-foot party yurt for a night full of games, drinks and fun.

Season: Winter 2018
Location: Toronto, Ontario [Parkdale]

It's -20 outside, and you're bundled up at home, next to your electric fireplace wishing it had that same smell and warmth of burning logs. It doesn't have to be -20 outside for you to enjoy the comfort of a wood burner. Now available for hire our very own wood burner perfect for any occasion. 

Pairing our 12-foot yurt with the wood oven created a perfectly toasty home away from home. The wood oven and chimney fitted directly into the yurt and supplied heat amply to prepare a few cups of hot buttered rum, we're sure. 

We're glad to be a part of this memory.